Once upon a time back in 1974, Hans and Marisa who with courage, determination and ... a great desire to work ... .. they embarked on this adventure and took over what soon became the BERTA HOTEL.

Now you ask yourself, why Berta ?? Because Berta is home, Berta is color, Berta is grandmother's tiramisu.

This was our brochure from the 1970s then ....


The children grew up carrying on the work started by their parents, with courage, wisdom, a spirit of sacrifice and trust, they built the second wing of the hotel.

So much changed but not the tradition, not the particular attention to hospitality!

"The customer first of all and must be pampered and happy"


The story continues…. The years pass and, with great joy and hope, the hotel changes its face again trying to keep up with the new trends and requests.


But the greatest joy is that the 3rd generation is ready, patiently educated and accompanied by the "old guard".

The art and the pleasure of welcoming are carried on with the smile and enthusiasm typical of young people.

PS: all accompanied by the powerful, sweet and omnipresent help and supervision of our "DEAR ANGELS".

The story continues…..

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